What We're Good At

Like most people if your financial position relies on your continued good health, your lifestyle and the assets you have, may be threatened by a sudden medical event.

Protected Life Solutions helps you to understand your risk exposure by quantifying that threat and explains how you can manage it in the most tax effective and cost efficient way.

Finding the Right Solution

Finding the right risk solution for you and your family is tricky.

It’s difficult to accurately quantify your risk exposure on your own, and how it can threaten your lifestyle now and later in life

With our guidance you can be sure that the life risk strategy you have is tailored to your immediate needs, and what you want for your future. 

We can find you the best solution for mitigating your risk and minimising any associated after tax costs.

We can ensure that you have enough risk protection in place to prevent serious illness or injury diverting you from reaching your financial goals.

Structural Advice

Our services include structural advice. We can guide you the most effective and cost efficient ways to protect yourself against uncertainty.

We will build your risk strategy around tax efficiency, structuring it inside and outside of super, so any costs has minimal effect on your personal cash flow.

Specialist Life Risk Advice

Often the simplest solution for dealing with risk exposure, when there is an absence of other funding options, is transferring the risk to an insurer.

We possess a wealth of experience in the life insurance market. We can compare policies based on product and price across a broad range of highly rated insurers. We can simplify the application process, arrange medical and financial underwriting, and negotiate favourable policy terms.

At claim time we will ensure that your benefits are paid, and paid quickly. If you are suffering physically or mentally and there is uncertainty about your financial future we will deal with the insurer so that you don’t have to. In the event of death, we will represent you and your family so you loved ones can grieve without the stress of paperwork and call centre hold music.

Reviewing your Existing Risk Strategy

Risk strategies are terrible at hiding their age and they tend to grow old before long. This is for two reasons; your needs change and the amount of risk protection you have is no longer in line with what you need; and the tools you are using to protect against risk becomes ineffective or expensive, particularly if you are using insurance as your risk mitigation vehicle. Life insurance is a constantly evolving, very competitive market.

Dated policies struggle to keep pace with its competitors by regularly updating their product. Policies need to be reviewed regularly to ensure it is still competitive.

We would love the opportunity to review your existing strategy to make sure it is suitable for you and will help you meet your desired outcomes.