Protecting Your Retirement Plans

Creating and protecting your wealth towards retirement is an essential component of your overall financial plan.

It is not enough to just sitting back and hope that one day you will have enough super at retirement to fund your remaining years. 

Planning for your retirement should start early in your career and include the steady accumulation of assets inside and outside of super over your working life. 

Examples of the various ways we can assist you to achieve this include; 

  • The effective management of tax planning strategies to reduce the tax you pay and boost your income 
  • The reduction of non-deductible expenses through efficient debt management strategies
  • Protecting your income from unexpected medical events with minimal effect on your personal cash flow 
  • Selecting the right investment vehicle for your superannuation as it accumulates

It is vital that we put appropriate measures in place to ensure that your goals for retirement are safe and the lifestyle that you worked your whole life for can be preserved.

Could your goals be under threat of poor estate planning?

You can do everything right, you can be smart with your money, protect your assets and build a substantial nest egg for your retirement.  Without the proper estate planning framework in place your retirement strategy could all unravel very quickly.  

Not only does estate planning involve deciding how your assets are to be distributed on death, but it also involves having the correct financial structures and arrangements in place to tax effectively protect your family’s interests.

Are you aware that your Superannuation does not form part of your estate and is therefore not dealt with in your Will? A good estate plan will address any potential threats to a timely and tax effective transfer of your assets to the people you love.