Superannuation & SMSF Advice

Superannuation is complex and requires a deep understanding to maximise its potential. 

With the right guidance, Superannuation can be a powerful vehicle for investing, asset protection, tax and estate planning objectives.

Incurring a maximum tax rate of 15%, superannuation is a very desirable way to grow and retain investments. The low tax rate, particularly when compared to individual tax rates (which can be as high as 49%), allows you to retain more of the investment return for yourself, as opposed to handing a larger portion over to the government. All this equals more money for you when you retire.

We can help you to;

  • Review your existing superannuation fund, including the fees you are paying, how you are invested and any insurances that are associated 
  • Determine which investment option suits your objectives, investment timeframe and appetite for risk
  • Consolidate your super
  • Establish a binding death nomination 

Self Managed Superannuation Advice

Growth in Self Managed Super Funds continues at a staggering pace and represents one of the largest areas of investment for retirement in Australia. As more and more Australians are demanding direct control of their superannuation investments, Self Managed Super Funds continue to experience regular legislative changes in what is a complex and technical area.

If a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you, we can assist you with 

  • Establishing your new Self Managed Super Fund
  • Prepare and implement an Investment Strategy for your SMSF
  • Develop pre and post retirement planning strategies
  • Prepare Binding Death Nominations
  • Help you to find the right Super Fund Administrator for your Fund and provide them with ongoing support for audits, SMSF Financial Statements & Taxation Return, member benefits statements, which contains member’s tax components, obtaining of an actuarial certificate and prepare payment summaries, where required, & managing communications and correspondence with the Australian Taxation Office, where required